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Photography experience

Thanks for considering me to shoot your headshot. I've been involved in extras casting in New Mexico since 2005, and I have more than 20 years' experience as a professional photographer. The two complement each other well. My background in professional photography goes back to 1989. I spent several years working as a staff photographer at a newspaper in the lovely Texas Panhandle. News photography taught me to problem solve on the fly and to work fast. News happens in the blink of an eye and as a photojournalist you have to be ready to capture it. While working at the newspaper I used a now-archaic relic called film. Lots of Tri-X, a little Plus-X, lots of Fuji Velvia and lastly; rolls and rolls of glorious T-Max P3200. More recently, I was a studio photographer working almost exclusively on a 4 x 5 view camera shooting jewelry and related products for a local supply company. I shot thousands and thousands of pictures of jump rings and thumb screws and polishing cloths. It taught me to light the tiniest of objects. Try making a file tang look beautiful.


My rate for a headhshot session is $120 and includes approximately one hour of shooting. I ask you to bring a thumb drive with you and I will copy everything I shoot onto your drive. I can do some editing and add a name and number.


All images are high resolution (300 dpi) jpeg files. If you prefer a TIFF, or RAW file, I can do that as well.


I only shoot headshots on location, I have found that I'm better shooting in natural light and most people look better in natural light. During the cold months I look for interesting indoor locations that have a strong source of natural light.

Try to wear a solid color with a simple neckline. Avoid wearing white unless it's the only color you look fabulous in. Women: you may want to consider hiring a hair and makeup person. Here is a link to Christine Schwatken's site. She does great makeup.