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I've created my profile…now what do I do?

Once you've created a profile you'll be notified by Latham Casting when we have a role for you. Don't be discouraged if you aren't contacted immediately. It depends on the type of movie we are casting and the type of background actors the director is interested in seeing.

Can I create multiple profiles with one email account?

No, each person/profile must have their own email address. It seems crazy to create a new email for your child but you must have it to proceed with the registration process. My advice is to create a 'throw away' email account through gmail or yahoo. I won't contact minors via email, I will always contact the parent by phone.

I haven't gotten my check yet! What do I do?

Getting paid is very important! If it's been more than four weeks since you worked and you've not gotten your check. First, find your voucher and call the number on it to see if they can help. Sometimes the number is useful and sometimes it isn't. If that doesn't work, call or email us and we'll see what we can do. The important thing is to not wait until after the production has wrapped.

How do I get a speaking role?

Everyone wants a speaking part! Unfortunately it is a rare occasion that a background actor is given lines. It does happen, but not often. Please do not ask if I have cast all the speaking roles; I cast only non-speaking parts. If you are serious about becoming an actor, you need to take some very proactive steps to achieve that goal. Take acting lessons. There are lots of great acting instructors in New Mexico. Get experience by working on independent or student productions. This will give you a fantastic idea of what it takes to be in front of a camera and take direction. Work as much as you can as an extra. It will give you an opportunity to see how a movie is made.

Is it okay to ask the actors for an autograph?

Yikes! No. You should never approach the actors, not only are they in character and at work, it is considered bad set etiquette. You risk being fired from set and possibly removed from our database. If the actors approach you to talk, you are welcome to talk to them.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Unfortunately only people who are hired to work can be on set.